Edinburgh West End

The architects, designers and clients we work with present us with beautifully grand plans; we make these a reality. 

When we were asked to help create this luxurious modern townhouse in Edinburgh we were determined to make sure that the plans of designer Ian Smith - and the far-sighted vision of the homeowners - would be fulfilled. 

The magnificent home that has been created provides few clues to the complexity of the task - this dazzling space began life as two separate apartments. 

Taking a bold line, the emphasis from the outset was on the contemporary. The feel would be refined, smooth, slick and ultra modern.

As a result there was liberal use of materials such as glass and steel. The timber of choice was Macassar Ebony. This beautiful wood was used throughout; on door and wall panels, to create stunning furniture and to provide the finishing touch to a dramatic staircase. 

Reinforcing the pure, exquisite approach, we created cabinetry where the focus was on simple ideas, elegantly executed. There were intricate technical challenges too, including managing the installation of specialist lighting, wiring and music systems, underfloor heating, dropdown screens, automatic blinds and much more.

The end result was a home that's been held up as an outstanding example of modern design, and featured in advertising and magazines.

The homeowners were ecstatic; Ian Smith was thrilled.


Project Summary

Location: Edinburgh
Project Elements:
  • Specialist Light Installation
  • Music System Installation
  • Doors & Panelling
  • Staircase Build
  • Architectural Joinery
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Managing Suppliers

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