Regent Terrace

Like the furniture we make, our relationships with customers are built to last. As a result they often return to us time and time again. 

One perfect example is an Edinburgh businessman who initially asked us to remodel his family home. 

However, he was so impressed by our approach he subsequently invited us to refurbish his business premises, and a holiday home in the Scottish Highlands.

The project in Regent Terrace was the kind we relish; one that requires imagination, creativity and precise attention to detail. We were quick to add our own ideas on materials, techniques and how to proceed. 

There was a substantial amount of traditional woodworking, often fashioned to match 120-year old templates. And we created numerous individual pieces of furniture. 

Overall, it was a significant project, involving the virtual rebuilding of the entire house. 

Once complete, the client was suitably impressed. So much so, that he asked us to build an extension at the rear of the home, and to carry out work at his place of business. Again, this involved a complete refurbishment of the property and the creation of several unique pieces of furniture. 

Following our success in Edinburgh we moved on to fit out the kitchen and dining/sitting room at the client's holiday retreat. 

There we created a distinctive array of furniture and fittings - Oak and Pine dressers, kitchen cabinets, wall panels and floors - to match the home's breath-taking surroundings.


Project Summary

Location: Regent Terrace, Edinburgh
Project Elements:
  • Grade A Listed Building
  • Complete Refurbishment
  • Traditional Woodworking
  • Extension Build
  • Bespoke Furniture
  • Kitchen design and build

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