Miele : A New Generation of Kitchen Appliances - Laurence McIntosh


Last week I was invited to the Miele Experience Centre in Abingdon, to be introduced to the new Generation 7000 range.

Having visited the centre a few times before I always look forward to the trip with great anticipation. It’s a playground for any cooking enthusiast with a vast array of appliances on display showcasing the very best in modern technology. The added bonus of live kitchens, where you can experience first-hand the marvel of German engineering, makes this trip a must for anyone looking to make a substantial investment in Miele.

A family run company for more than 100 years with a slogan of ‘Immer Besser’ (forever better), you can be assured of forward thinking and the very latest technological advancements when purchasing a Miele product. Below I’ll try and touch on just a few points from the visit but you can find out more at www.miele.co.uk.

Starting with the ovens, we see that some of the flagship features have been moved down the line to the entry level range, making this incredible value for money. This change has made way for some exclusive additions included within the premium products such as



Food View

This was one feature which certainly left as all in awe. The ovens feature an integrated camera within the ceiling of the cavity, which sends updates of your meal to your phone or tablet via the Miele@mobile app. If required you can also adjust the setting of the oven remotely, so if you need to nip out to the shops to pick up that missing ingredient there is no need to stall the whole cooking process.



Taste Control

This is incredibly clever! The oven compartment can be cooled down completely after the cooking process is complete. The oven door opens slightly on a lock and expels the hot air, then closes keeping the food at serving temperature, ensuring that the food is perfectly cooked but not over done!




The oven senses your approach and can illuminate the compartment, activate the controls and even deactivate any buzzers which may be signalling the end of a cooking programme. Another added time saver and convenience feature which take these ovens to another level. The sensors are however directed as such to avoid any dog, cat or small child that may be wandering back and forth!



Dual Steam

A feature in both steam and steam combination ovens, this creates a uniform temperature and humidity throughout the oven. As a measure of its precision, the settings can be adjusted in one-degree intervals, making sous vide cooking possible.

Although functionality is key, the aesthetics have also been considered, with a variety of colours, finishes and handle options available. The VitroLine and ArtLine ranges are both available in the colours shown below.



VitroLine has a beautifully designed glass fronted handle (above) to match the colouring of the appliance. While ArtLine (shown below) provides a handleless option with Touch2Open and SoftOpen technology, perfect for complimenting a handleless kitchen.



PureLine (shown above) offers a more ‘traditional’ built in oven look while ContourLine (below) has a more industrial feel.



Needless to say there are plenty of options and configurations that will suit budget, lifestyle, form and function for any discerning chef.

And although ovens tend to take all the glory, the induction hobs have their own attractions. With full surface induction you can place your pots and pans anywhere on the hob! Each pan is recognised, so if you move your sauce pot over to make way for your frying pan, the numerical display will follow with it. This means no more switching separate rings on and off!



On to coffee machines now and Miele seem to have paid particular attention to what clients want, as well as incorporating the best from their previous models. The premium range now has the ability to store different types of coffee bean to give more flexibility to the user, and also features sealed lids keeping the coffee extra fresh. Miele have also thought about any contamination issues which may arise from having different coffee beans. The conical burr grinder is positioned directly above the brew unit so any ground coffee from previous use doesn’t remain within the grinder.



Cleaning has come a long way with an automatic descaling function which can be programmed in to a convenient 2-hour window. Waiting impatiently for your morning coffee while running a descaling programme is thankfully a thing of the past. The AutoClean function also keeps the milk pipework and brew unit gleaming, leaving you more time to enjoy that coffee!

Now we have covered the more leisurely attractions, we head to the hard worker of the kitchen. I always advise clients to invest as much as they can on a dishwasher. It is tempting to put something basic in as it is often hidden behind a door. However, it’s not the look that counts here. This is probably the hardest working appliance in your kitchen, and it is important to give this duty to a brand which can stand the test of time (or in this case cycle!).

With Generation 7000, Miele have added more flexibility with their dishwasher baskets. There will be no more stray cups and glasses left sitting on the worktop because you couldn’t quite find the space. You’ll certainly be able to make the space with all variations these baskets can offer.



Miele also produced the world’s first automatic dispensing system with integrated PowerDisk; AutoDos. Using the Automatic programme, a sensor measures the amount of soiling within the water and uses the detergent accordingly. The detergent is automatically dispensed at the right time and using the right amount, reducing waste and allowing more efficient cleaning.



It was a fantastic trip and even more wonderful to see the leaps and bounds Miele are making in appliance development. The innovation and value for money is astounding, bringing real-world usability and convenience to your daily routine.

Hopefully I have provided some kitchen appliance inspiration, I’ve certainly made my wish list!

Thank you for reading.


Emma Fraser, Designer

For more information on any of the above visit www.miele.co.uk

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